"A person who will listen and not condemn, someone on whom you can depend;
He will not flee when bad times are here, instead he will be there to lend an ear;
He will think of ways to make you smile, so you can be happy for a while;
Do not forget that person at all, for he picks you up when you fall;
Do not expect to just take and hold, give more and more back, that love is pure gold."

What will you give back? Why not these bracelets?
Life is not just about your career or just about one person whom you love. Life is not supposed to be completely austere or completely materialistic. Life is about balance. Inspired from the Buddhist concept of balance and the middle path, we have used this stone which is known to restore equilibrium in wearer's life.
As the adage goes, the greatest wealth is health. Often when we talk about health, one thinks physical health but mental health is equally important. One should eat healthier, speak healthier and think healthier. Don't we all require aid? Amazonite is the stone which can aid in energy healing of physical ailments and emotional issues. This bracelet is must if you are not just a fashionista but also a health freak!
We all know Rhonda Byrne's law of attraction, it is no more the secret. You have to believe that you will get what you want. Before that you will have to feel it. What's better than a black onyx at it? It makes you feel like you are invincible and you can achieve anything. You should have one of black onyx bracelet to help you have faith in yourself even more than in any law. Besides, it is black, classy and deep.