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Natural Gemstones

These colourful precious and semi precious gemstones are the gift from mother nature. They make us fall in love with them. Sometimes, it takes us months to find that perfect gemstone for you. And by perfect, we mean the stone which is one of its kind, 100% genuine, has a suitable hardness and is suited to our needs. Once the gemstone is finalised, it is then custom cut to give it a unique blend with the metal.

925 Sterling Silver

All our silver jewelries are made up of sterling silver. What's sterling silver? Fine silver is too soft to be used in jewelry, hence silver alloys are used. Sterling silver is one such alloy which has 92.5% silver content, the rest is mostly copper which gives it strength. It's durable, lustrous, hypo-allergic , easy to maintain and what not? Accessorize with the finest one can have, both in style and strength.