AYA'S as a brand caters to the connoisseurs and dilettantes of fashion alike. Oriented to design for all the genders who felt lost while fashion was being stereotyped, AYA'S handmade accessories are made of sterling silver with immaculate craftsmanship. The gemstones used in the accessories are manually sorted, selected and certified, piece by piece. AYA'S is an indigenous icon of legendary style, bold artistry and innovative design.

Our Goal

'What is AYA'S? An online jewellery store? That's not it. AYA'S is where you come when you want to make a statement. At AYA'S, we keep a lot in mind while making an ornament for you. For example, we believe, it is quite pretentious when you spend money barely to look good. So, we use gemstone that pleases the eyes and eases the soul. We want to break stereotypes and cater to men and women equally. Our idea of jewellery is beyond class, elegance and beauty. We make simple yet alluring things that complete you in most subtle ways.

Way we work

Research on trends, exclusivity of designs, weight optimization, comfort check are few of our functions to make the jewelry light, stylish and plush on you. Before we present any collection, we make sure that it is designed better and also priced better.

We Work In 3 Major Steps
Research on trends

Before building any collection, we look for the trending outlooks. Also, we see if there are occasions coming up. Then, we look for inspirations which would match the trending outfits and occasions.

Designing with efficiency

After the brainstorming, the designs sketched are first measured on various parameters like we ensure it's exclusivity, comfort level, etc. and then it is modeled. Many of our collections have light weighted jewelry. For this the models are so made to not compromise with the look yet be cost efficient.

Immaculate manufacturer

The 3D models of these designs undergo several iterations for full optimization. Once ready, they are 3D printed. We give those immaculate prints to our manufacturers. If the design demands, the artisans make it with their hands with complete precision. Or, it is made using lost wax casting technique.

Why We
925 Sterling Silver
8 Months Warranty
Free Shipping & COD
14 Day Return & Exchange