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Cronus Ring

₹ 3,310.00 ₹ 3,783.00

Erose Bracelet

₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 2,598.00

Ares Ring

₹ 5,746.00 ₹ 6,567.00

Tuvs Earring (Single Stud)

₹ 1,099.00 ₹ 2,198.00

Aster Men's Bracelet

₹ 4,469.00 ₹ 5,107.00

Maori Chain

₹ 3,528.00 ₹ 4,032.00

Zavi Bracelet

₹ 4,931.00 ₹ 6,164.00

Blaze Bracelet

₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 2,398.00

Roque Bracelet

₹ 3,488.00 ₹ 3,986.28

Square Boho Stud (Single Stud)

₹ 899.00 ₹ 1,798.00

Erae Bracelet

₹ 1,299.00 ₹ 2,598.00

Pierre Stud

₹ 1,099.00 ₹ 2,198.00

Zash Bracelet

₹ 2,199.00 ₹ 2,513.00

Aster Pendant

₹ 3,368.00 ₹ 3,849.00

Taur Bracelet

₹ 8,839.00 ₹ 10,102.00

Shae Bracelet

₹ 3,799.00 ₹ 4,341.71

Archer Hoop Earring (Single Stud)

₹ 1,199.00 ₹ 2,398.00

Meiko Stud

₹ 1,099.00 ₹ 2,198.00

Flewt Bracelet

₹ 1,599.00 ₹ 3,198.00

Magna Ring

₹ 6,163.00 ₹ 7,043.00

Ferus Ring

₹ 4,319.00 ₹ 4,936.00

Diza Ring

₹ 2,686.00 ₹ 3,070.00

Avrum Ring

₹ 3,594.00 ₹ 4,108.00

Zodiac Pendant

₹ 2,975.00 ₹ 3,400.00

The word like no other: Silver

 Yes, you read it write. The word silver is the only word that rhymes like it. There’s no other rhyming word present for it. The metal silver also means the money in fourteen languages. The trivia about it goes on and on, with endless fun facts. 
But we’re more than sure, that silver jewelry, is also like none other. Not to belittle the other metals that mother nature has provided us with, but also reflecting a little favoritism towards silver! 

We’re head over heels for the silver jewelry. The elegance, the charm, the charisma, everything about it is magnetic.

 We’ve all heard the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth,” and most of us would take that to mean the child grew up wealthy. But did you know that the idiom originated as a way of saying that the person never seems to get sick? Because of silver’s germ-killing properties, in the old days children who were fed with silver spoons (which was a luxury often reserved for wealthier families) were typically healthier babies. 

While there are hundreds of opinions about sterling silver jewelry, from believing that it symbolizes cheaper sections of the status-quo jewelry to believing that it loses its luster quickly, sterling silver remains to be the bestselling among the various other competitive metals that exist in the jewelry market. It’s our personal favorite, as it’s the most shining one that lasts forever while we continue the hustle and bustle of every day! It’s easy to carry and is affordable. 
The ease of sobriety and minimalism tends to remain while the trends and fashion statements are made and slain with sterling silver jewelry pieces. People have linked silver to luxury for decades -- the phrase "silver spoon" is associated with wealth for a reason.  Sterling silver -- 92.5% silver, 7.5% other metal alloys (usually copper) -- brings the tradition of luxurious silver to jewelry.

If taken care of properly and maintained with the will, silver jewelry pieces can last a lifetime and the savvy sterling silver owners know it! 

If anyone is a junkie to keep up with the ever-changing trends, then sterling silver is a smart purchase and here’s why:

Sterling silver’s popularity means it’s always going to be in. The latest styles in jewelry will always include sterling silver, even if the design changes.

Recently, for example, gemstones and uncut minerals have become a staple of spring and summertime accessories. Often, those stones are set in sterling silver.

Silver Jewelry: Sack full of variety!

Since the metal is soft, it’s easy to mold and experiment with it in a billion ways to end up making the most beautiful shapes and designs which might be the next ones to be the eye-catcher in the market. The wide range of styles and designs in sterling silver means that you're sure to find a piece (or twenty) that fits your personal style. Likewise, if you're looking for unique high-end pieces, sterling silver should be on your list. Designers use it to cast their most creative designs all the time.

Show stopper every time!

No matter what occasion it is, no matter what room you’re entering, silver jewelry will always be like a shining star in the dark sky. It’s appropriate for every occasion and fits right in!  Styling the same embellished piece and playing around with it might be able to get you a dozen looks with just one piece of silver jewelry. It’s never less, it’s never extra, it’s just perfect! 

Be it a MET gala or a job interview, with just the right taste for the pieces and a little playful element for fashion, you’re all good to go with the silver jewelry. 

In fact, you can even wear sterling silver jewelry with a white gold or platinum piece and still create a look that is put together. The colors are close enough that you won't look like you’re mixing up jewelry. Instead, you'll create a new image that is uniquely you.

Not like your high maintenance – ex!

Phew, just a joke! But really, people avoid purchasing silver all the time due to just one reason- TARNISH> Well, here’s a reality check, silver pieces are extremely easy to maintain! 

It's disappointing to see a favorite piece suddenly look dirty or discolored after sitting in a jewelry box for just a bit too long. 

All silver can tarnish with time, especially if it's not worn often. 

Here's the good news -- wearing your jewelry can actually help prevent tarnish. The oils on your skin 'clean' the metal, which means you don't have to worry about that dirty look. Even if your sterling silver jewelry does dull, there are easy ways to restore its original shine. 

Most craft stores or hardware stores carry a varnish that will work with your silver. Cleaning your jewelry with varnish and a fresh cloth will get the silver sparkling before you know it. 

So, I guess we all learned a lot about silver jewelry today. It’s always a feeling of fresh air and royalty simultaneously, whenever we kick hard some stereotypes about jewelry. 

Silver is a metal that was worn a hundred years ago and has been loved since then. With all these rumors, un-studied facts, and random stereotypes, it remains to be the audiences’ favorite, and there are many reasons why that we just talked about. 

Aya is a proud seller of silver jewelry and it’ll always be fun for us to bash these baseless stereotypes and present the reality to our readers and consumers in the most beautiful way.